my business opptunities– Pet care service

Ideas for Pet care service 1. Concept and opportunities ? Friends /Family member ? Pet owner have willingness to pay the money on product and service for their pets. Such as pet food and grooming services ? pet care industry -retail pet shop/ groomers/boarders/online sales/vet care (deff) 2. Market viability ? (.87 billion in 2012) 62% of Australian family keep a pet ? In pet-related businesses– Pet groomers and boarders– most profitable in 2012. It will add 33.031 more job in next 3 years. ? rare industry -Retail pet stores has a big competition/ location/ broader product line/ ? Business process: manufacture—supply—sale—service 3. Risk ? High cost: certifications and licensing on grooming service and pet hotel(Barriers to entry) ? Deliverable risk: animal delivery — die ? Planning risk: make a estimate the number of pets in shop. Cannot overstate ? Social economic risk: poor- cannot afford pet, abandon it. 4. Business model ? Resources, from my business process 4 stages ? Sales forecast: plan the number of animal we can keep; don’t oversate ? Cost structure: (income statement) fixed cost- rent, salaries, insurance, council rates ;Variable cost- pets food, pet disease(medical,vet,die) 5. CEO capacity ? Building relationship: get the connection among these shops. Save money ? Communicating internally, externally: increasing the relationship with the Animal protecting Associates and the voluntary customers/ hospital; ? Critical thinking / active

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