Loyalty: Dogs vs. cats – Part 1

Having owned both dogs and cats, I don’t think there is any difference in the degree of loyalty exhibited by these animals. They are very different types of animals, and so may display this loyalty in different ways.

I’m going to go ahead and say this even though it will have dog people up in arms, but dogs are unquestionably not as intelligent as cats. They are more trainable than cats, but being trainable and being intelligent are two very different things. Dogs show their loyalty in being protective, in being affectionate and sometimes in responding to the sound of your voice.

Cats being more intelligent and more emotional than dogs show their loyalty in different ways, even by being vindictive, such as peeing in an unacceptable place when you go away and leave them home for a day or two. They too can be affectionate, tend to be less friendly towards strangers and will proudly present you with gifts of freshly killed birds and rodents.

One thing to keep in mind about dogs and cats is the key difference in how we came to keep them as pets. Dogs were animals we actively domesticated as working and to some extent companion animals. Cats (perhaps another notch in the why they are more intelligent argument) chose to become domesticated. Cats came to us, and bartered their services in keeping mice out of the grain in exchange for a warm place to sleep and the occasional table scrap. It’s no wonder then, that the behavior of these two different animals is so different and that they in turn show their loyalty in different ways.

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