Loyalty: Dogs vs. cats

Dogs’ ancestors lived in groups, and therefore developed fairly elaborate social behavior. Pet dogs view their families as packs in which the different members (including themselves) hold certain ranks. The dominant family member, for example,is seen as the alpha dog by your pet. So dogs tend to be concerned with their relationships with the people they live with, and are anxious about maintaining their status.

Cats, on the other hand, are not social animals by nature. In the wild, their ancestors led the lives of solitary hunters, usually coming together only to mate. Because of this,cats don’t have that innate drive to be social which we see in dogs.

This doesn’t mean that cats aren’t as faithful as dogs, however. Both species have lived with humans for thousands of years, and have learned how best to interact with their owners. Being dependent on humans, faithfulness benefits both cats and dogs. Faithfulness seems to vary more according to individual intelligence and personality than to species.

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