Loving your pets as if they were babies

Although loving your pet is a wonderful thing, treating your pet as a human is not! However, it is very easy to love your pet more than some people! My English Bulldog, Chunk, is a wonderful dog and loves me unconditionally. Nothing beats coming home to a dog that is so freakin’ happy to see you! Animals all need discipline, exercise and then affection – in that order. They need to know that you are the human and they are the dog and there is a difference. All too often you will find pet dogs that have problems like biting, barking, aggressiveness and even OCD! These things can often be cured by constant and consistent discipline and exercise and then the love. If you give a dog too much love and not enough of the other things, they get goofy. Kind of like a human – you wouldn’t want your significant other constantly doting on your every need, whim and want. You want to have a balance, and your dog or other pet, needs that balance too!

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