Looking After Your Pet Dog

In this article we look at 10 ways to care for your dog so that you can develop a healthy, happy and rewarding relationship with them.

Tip 1 Make sure that your dogs collar has attached to it an identification tag that shows their name, your name and your contact details. Generally it is best if you just place a phone number on it which you can be contacted. By including this on your dogs collar you are increasing the chances of him or her being returned to you if they get lost or runaway.

Tip 2 You need to find out what the laws are regards to registering your dog and having them vaccinated. Today it is a legal requirement that all animals that are kept as pets are fitted with a microchip. This can be done by your vet and is generally placed between the shoulder blades and costs around $50. There are some microchips which just provide an identification number, whilst others are designed to actually read the animals temperature as well. Once the information is entered into a database and should your dog get lost they will be returned to you a lot quicker.

Tip 3 Whenever you are taking you dog for a walk it is important that they are always on a leash. Also check with your local authorities because you may find that certain breeds are classed as dangerous dogs and may be required to be muzzled when out in public.

Tip 4 Although you dog may be inside most of the time, when they are still make sure that they have adequate shelter, especially if you intend to leave them there for a while. Although they may be kept outside you should also spend time with them as well and these are pack animals and so they like to be with others.

Tip 5 You should make sure that you arrange for your dog to be checked over regularly by your vet. This way if anything unusual is noted they will be able to treat it much more quickly and which could save you on your vet bills in the future.

Tip 6 Unless you are intending to breed, it is important that you have them spayed or neutered. Many dogs after having this routine surgery carried out tend to live much longer and tend to be much healthier and have far less behavioural problems.

Tip 7 It is important that you provide your dog with a well balanced nutritional diet and make sure they have easy access to fresh water. This is especially important if you intend to feed your dog only dried food. When it comes to which food to give your dog as there are so many different kinds available it may be advisable to discuss the issue with your vet first. Certainly many owners today prefer to feed dried dog food simply because it is must easier and also contains the right balance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that dogs need. You could also prepare fresh meals for your dog which you can then freeze and give to them each day.

Tip 8 If you have never owned a dog before then it is worth your while enrolling them in some obedience training classes. This way you can learn the most humane and safe ways to control your dog, this provides you with a chance to bond much more closely with your animal. Your vet should be able to recommend a class for you, plus there are plenty who advertise in local newspapers and dog magazines. Before joining such classes go along and check them out first and speak with other dog owners who attend them.

Tip 9 Although your dog may have the garden to run around in, it is worth actually taking them for much longer walks as well. It provides them with the opportunity to explore new areas so not only are they getting the physical exercise they need but the mental as well. Ideally you should be trying to walk your dog at least twice a day. However, this may differ from breed to breed and if you are unsure how much exercise your dog needs then speak to your vet.

Tip 10 It is important that you groom you dog regularly, especially if you own a large dog or a dog with a long coat. As you are grooming them you can actually carry out some simple health checks as well. It is best to start at the head and work your way down. You need to check their eyes, ears, nose and mouth to make sure that they are all clean, clear and bright. If you notice any discharge or foul smells then arrange for your vet to carry out a more thorough inspection. After checking them over then it is a good idea to bath and then groom your dog. As well as getting rid of any unwanted guests on their body you are also helping to remove any loose hair.

Above we have shown you 10 ways to care for your dog. If you keep the above tips in mind then you will find that not only does your dog remain healthy, but they will be much happier too.

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