LOCAL 15 EXCLUSIVE: Training Dogs to Fight?

A (in my personal opinion, TOTALLY BS) local report on some idiots who don’t know what the hell they’re doing with dramatic overtones making it seem like the dogs are being trained to fight. I think the guys are just idiots who don’t know how to properly work/condition a dog, but without an “ulterior motive” like the (dumb) woman in the video says. Here’s the link to the article: www.local15tv.com The article reads: (MOBILE, Ala.) – LOCAL 15 News is investigating a shocking incident that happened at a local park. It involves pit bulls, the dangerous activity their owners were putting them through and some serious questions about the purpose of it all. They’re thrown into the water, sometimes upside down, then forced to swim to shore over and over again. All the while, the pit bulls are forced to wear heavy chains around their necks. It’s a Friday afternoon on Dog River at Lusher Park. After observing this behavior, we call police and walk over to find out what’s going on. “What are y’all doing with the dogs?” asked Ramey. “We’re taking ’em swimming,” replies the owner Josh Bendolf. “Those chains look heavy around their necks,” said Ramey. “It ain’t but a 20 pound chain,” replied Bendolf. But their responses only prompt more questions. “So you’re just trying to exercise them or what?” asked Ramey. “We’re trying to get their legs strengthened up,” replied Bendolf. “Why do you need to do that? Why do you need to strengthen their legs?” asked Ramey. “So they won’t have to

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