Labrador Dog Training- Dog Training Tools

If you wish to have a nicely trained Labrador Retriever, you have to train him of course. Dogs don’t become nicely trained on their own. That is why as a dog owner, your dog’s training is your responsibility. Some dog owners think that training a dog can be a frustrating task. Fortunately, there are lots of effective approach as well as helpful tools to make the training process easy and increase the chances of successful result.

The leash is widely used by most trainers and dog owners in teaching dog commands like sit, down, come and heel. A leash must be strong enough to withstand your dog pulling on it. Types of leash vary depending on its materials, lengths and styles. In choosing the type of leash for your dog, keep in mind his size, personality and strength.

Clicker training has recently become popular in dog training. Clicker is a tiny plastic box with a metal button, which when pressed makes a click sound. The click sound is used to catch the attention of your dog and indicate that what he did is correct.

Usually used with leash, a collar is a piece of material placed around the neck of the dog. It could be made of nylon, metal, cotton or leather often used for control, identification and other purposes. It is important to place your dog’s collar perfectly, not too loose nor too tight. A collar is perfectly placed when you could place your four fingers between the dog’s neck and his collar. Collars come in various types- choke, pronged and electronic collars to name a few. Choose which type of collar is needed by your dog.

Giving of treat is an example of positive reinforcement. A treat is a reward you give to your dog after performing the command correctly.

Muzzle is important when your dog has biting problem or if you like to teach your dog to bark only when needed. A muzzle is a device placed over your dog’s snout to prevent unwanted biting or unwanted barking. It should be made of strong material to ensure that it does not come off easily.

Choose a no-pull harness for it stops the pulling. A no-pull harness restricts the movement of the dog’s body when the dog pulls on the leash.

There are many other tools that could help make dog training easy for you and your dog. It helps a lot to consult your vet or dog trainer for suggestions.

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