Knowing when to bring your dog inside


Weather plays a big roll on when to let a dog inside. If there’s a heat wave, but you don’t have any air con or fans, maybe you have water. Give it a shower, a soak with wet towels, whatever you do for yourself to keep cool. Preventing heat stroke is vital, which can affect your dog too. Make sue there is lots of drinking water inside and out, as well. It doesn’t hurt to add a pinch of salt and glucose for dehydration either, in their water.

If it’s freezing, and you are inside, plus also your pet dog is not acclimatized or born to the cold, help it here also. A dog is man’s best friend, so the same rule should apply, “to do to it as you would like done for you.” Even if you don’t have all the technology for warmth, a dog too can feel cozier in a coat for it, also, and just to be with you inside.

Some Dog Boarding Kennels who really take care of the pets in their care, have even gone to the extra expense of sound-proofing against Thunder Storms. They noticed the dogs fearful enough to be distressed.

This is one time in particular when a dog should be brought inside; or in any storms. In many countries which are hit by hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, any dog lover will treat their dog’s safety as their child’s. No lover of their dog wants to see it suffer. Different things spoof different dogs, and any real pet lover will should note this.

House training has a lot to do with some of these doggy owners, who don’t always have their own time, (due to them working,) despite they have loved their pet dogs If it has not been house trained – help it – or make allowances, just as cats have their litter box. It may not be the most pleasant of chores, but if you, as an owner, ever had anything to do with raising and training a baby to the point of potty trained, doesn’t your pet dog deserves help instead of fearful threats if it should dare do a ‘whoops’?

Your dog’s health also is a time one should bring it inside where you can keep surveillance. A sick dog, just as a human, needs the comfort and shelter of indoors. Being in need of more rest also, it is a fact that they may not feel they want to be left entirely alone. Giving them their own bed within their’s or your familiar surrounds, also talks care of a fretful heart. They know… here is a safe haven of their own restful corner. They too miss their lively, healthy self, as much as a human does. Keep their water within reach, and encourage them.

Comfort is in the company of the owner, if possible, and should be the golden rule as to when to bring a dog inside. ‘Knowing when to bring your dog inside’. Know your dog, know you pet’s needs, love it and treat it accordingly, and you will naturally just know. It won’t have to ask first then.

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