Kikopup moves to Sweden- clicker dog training

Kikopup moves to Sweden- clicker dog training In this video the Kikopup clan move to Sweden to live. All the dogs were very calm, the two little dogs could ride in the cabin the whole way, and slept the whole journey- lucky for them! Emily did not sleep at all! Stay tuned for more video tutorials and stories from the Kikopup clan! I would just like to say to all those people thinking of re homing their dog because they are moving. It IS possible to bring your dog with you! Even if you have four. Yes, it does take some preparation, stress and money, but not any more money than a medical issue might cost. With training you can teach your dog to find the move low stress. Kikopup moves “Dog Training” “Dog training channel” “Clicker Training” dog puppy Sweden Swedish Border Collie Chihuahua Podenco Terrier moving with your dog

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