Keeping your pets safe and sane on the Fourth of July

As you get caught up in all the excitement of Fourth of July celebrations, you must remember that The Fourth of July can be a terrifying time for your Family Pet. The loud noise from fire crackers set off in the neighborhood can frighten your pet excessively, due to their sensitive hearing. If you fail to plan ahead for your pets care, it can even cost him his life.

One family left their pet Collie mix tied up to his dog house while they went off for a day of celebration, picnicking, and an evening fireworks show at the beach. Around midnight when they returned home, they found their beloved pet had climbed upon the roof of his dog house when the loud firecrackers began being set off. The noise disturbed him so much he tried to get away by jumping the fence, his leash somehow got caught in the fence and he could not reach the ground on the other side and he hung himself. A very tragic accident that could have been avoided.

How can you plan ahead to keep your pet from harms way? The first and most important is do not leave your pet alone on the Fourth of July.

If you are going to be away from home and you can’t take your pet with you, board him in a kennel or a pet hotel. Your dog or cat will be much safer where there is someone to look after him. Even if it is just for the day it is worth the cost for your pets safety.

If you are going on vacation consider taking your Dog with you. There are many economy motel chains that allow you to have a pet. If you can’t do that, consider leaving them with a friend or family member. Even paying a responsible person to come and get your pet and take them to their house on the fourth will be far better than just leaving them alone.

If you are going to be home bring your dog indoors and put them in and enclosed room or bathroom, as far away from the fireworks noise as you can. Keep you cats indoors too, to prevent them from being the victims of some prankster. Many a cat has been burned do to some act of animal cruelty with a fire cracker.

Make sure your pet birds are in their cages and cover the cage with a piece of old torn sheet. Consider bringing your pet rabbit or any other pets inside too as a safety precaution.

Make sure your pet has current Id tag on with his name and your name as well as your address and phone number, even consider micro chipping your pet. If your pet is a dog make sure he has current rabies tag in case they somehow get lost they have better chance of being returned. Shelters will know who to contact.

If you follow these tips and you still know your pet will be spooked, check with your vet, sometimes they can prescribe a sedative you can give your pet to keep him calm. A word of caution, never give your pet any medications without checking with him first. Don’t self medicate your pet.

If you follow these simple guidelines both you and your pets will have a much safer and enjoyable Fourth of July.

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