Keeping pets healthy – Part 1

We all love our pets and will go to great lengths to provide them with the very best medical care to keep them healthy. Some will even go to the extreme of doing without themselves, just to see that their pets get the care they deserve. I know I will provide for my pets at any price. I acquired them and it is my responsibility to care for them. I want to address this article, “Keeping pets healthy”, from a very different perspective.

Everyone has felt the pinch lately due to the rising cost of just about everything. Gas has gone ridiculously high, human as well as pet food has risen, medical expense has risen, etc. Have you noticed your veterinarian charges lately? It is my opinion, if veterinarians charged less, then people could provide the care necessary to keep their pets healthy. There are companies that offer Pet Insurance, but then your veterinarian has to be on the plan in order to use the insurance. I asked my veterinarian if they accepted any form of Pet Insurance and the answer was NO. They don’t even have a payment plan for those exorbitant fees for surgery, etc. It is up front cash, checks or Visa, Master Card, American Express and maybe some other cards that most people don’t have. Why even your own medical doctor will generally bill you and let you make payments, after your insurance has paid. Ah but the veterinarians don’t accept Pet Insurance.

Then there are the never ending outcries from such organizations as World Wildlife, The Humane Society, The Animal Rights groups, etc., that ask for your donations to help save the animals. What about those organizations that plead with the community to adopt pets? They charge a fee to adopt, and of course you want to care for those animals, but then come those costs from the veterinarian! How do those organizations expect people to do what they feel is necessary to keep those animals healthy when the costs are so high they can’t afford it?

I believe that if more people started leaving those veterinarians that do not accept Pet insurance and started patronizing those that do, our pets would obtain much better health benefits and care that they deserve. We boycott other establishments when the service is not what we expect. Why not the veterinarians? Have you seen some of their offices? There are a few veterinarian offices around my town that rival even the best medical doctor offices in town! Does a veterinarians office really need carpet and plush seats, drapes etc.? There is even one office that has separate entrance doors for dogs and cats! What we are paying for is the appearance of the office. I breed dogs, buy my own vaccines and I know what the cost is. Veterinarians usually charge around fifteen to seventeen dollars for a booster vaccination, plus the office visit which is around ten to twelve dollars. Add it up! I can buy the very same vaccine and give it myself for around five dollars and sixteen cents! There is just too much added expense for people to rightly take care of their pets and provide them with the best medical care they deserve. Most people cannot even afford just the basic care. A friend of mine went to her veterinarian to have her puppy treated. The medication was expensive and when she went to check out, the secretary told her they only accepted cash, checks or cards! They with-held the medication because she didn’t have enough money with her to pay for it.

I guess what I am trying to get across is this: if the veterinarian society has our animals in their best interest, why not work with us to see that our pets get the care to keep them healthy?

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