Keeping pets healthy

Once you have a new pet, you need to know how care for the pet. The proper pet treatment is important for a healthy and happy life. The first thing to proper pet treatment is vaccinations. For instance, dogs and cats need to have distemper and rabies vaccinations. Other pets may need some type of vaccination depending on the pet. Birds may need to have wings clipped, while ferrets might require an operation to descent them. When you bring you new pet home, you will want to start out with a healthy pet, therefore, a trip to the veterinarian is important.

Understanding how to take care of your pet and raise them is the second thing that is important for proper pet treatment. Raising your pet takes time and training them to be social and to behave will mean years with a happy pet. For dogs, this means housebreaking and basic commands, while cats will need to learn about using the litter box and not scratching the furniture. Birds will need socialization and hand taming, while ferrets will need to learn to use the litter box as well. Cats are generally easy to litter train, but the ferret and dogs can be a little harder to potty train.

The third thing for proper pet treatment is spending time with your pet. Pets are just like people and they need love and affection to grow up healthy and happy. Dogs need plenty of attention more so than cats. Cats do have an independent nature and usually want you when they want. Ferrets are a nice little house pet, but in order for them to become lovable and affectionate, you must spend time with them. Birds need attention and exercise. Parrots and Cockatoos will need your attention every day and they will need to be out of the cage to play.

The fourth thing to remember for proper pet treatment is the diet. You need to supply the proper food for the different ages of the pet. A puppy will need puppy food, where the adult dog needs adult do food. Kittens need kitten food and the adults need adult food. Ferrets on the other hand will eat anything, but should have a proper diet to keep them healthy. Birds need proper diets of seed and other supplements. The more fruits and vegetables in the diet for birds, the healthier they will be as they grow.

Proper pet treatment includes cages and toys. All pets, no matter if it is a dog, cat, bird or ferret needs to have toys to stay occupied. The place you have for them to sleep is important as well. Dogs and cats generally do not sleep in cages, but the ferret and birds need to have a cage to retreat to for sleep. The cages need to be the correct size to accommodate the house pet. If you keep these five things in mind when considering a family pet, you will be ready to bring the new pet home.

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