Keeping cats safe from feral cats

The best way to keep your cats safe from feral cats is to keep them indoors. An indoors-only cat is protected from feral cats, cars, fishers, coyotes and people who abuse cats. However, some cats insist on spending a lot of time outside, and if they encounter feral cats they are going to be exposed to Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline AIDS, other cat viruses and possibly even rabies.

Make sure your cat is vaccinated against rabies! Today, many cat vaccinations are considered to be effective for three years, but a cat that meets wild cats should be vaccinated yearly. Feline Leukemia vaccine is not recommended for every pet, nor is the shot for Feline AIDS, but the pet cat with feral cats in the neighborhood is the right candidate for these vaccines. Keep your cat’s distemper vaccination up to date to.

If you aren’t in the habit of brushing your cat already, start! You are likely to find bite wound or abscesses sooner if you’re grooming your cat every day. Keep a flea and tick preventative on her, too, as she will encounter more parasites than the average cat.

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