Judging the psychic capacity of cats

I live with a male cat and I say I live with him instead of saying I have a pet cat because he lets me know that we cohabitate but things could get messy if I don’t watch my ways.

Anyone that has never shared living space with a cat doesn’t know how in tune they are with their surroundings. Tom, that’s my friend, is all about personality and attitude. I invited Tom to come and live with my son and I when Tom was about 9 weeks old. I watched him go through some rather strange periods in his life but one constant has always been his uncanny way of communicating. Now he not only gets his two cents in with me but any person or animal that comes into our apartment.

If you’re a visitor in our home I will warn you to close you purse because he will go fishing in it and if he happens to find a pen…well, count it as his. Tom feels he has freedom to stick his nose in your glass or cup, not to drink…just to see what you have. If you ignore him (don’t talk to him when he makes the first move) then you may get his tail swishing in your face as you try to visit with me. When it come time for tummy rubs and they are not forthcoming he will get in your face and tell you with a soft short meow or two. Then he will cock his head to the side as he taps you with his paw. He tends to go over board with this (a lot).

I have a friend and when she visits Tom knows they willget to play. His favorite game to play with her is hide and seekor tag. It’s kind or both games to some degree. We discovered quite by accident that he enjoyed this past time. One day my friend had been there visiting and was preparing to leave. She was standing by the couch, along the back of it. Tom was on the seat of the couch, just listening to her talk when all of a sudden he lunged up over the top on the back of the couch, tagged her with his paw then down to the ground. We just stood there laughing when he darted up and did it again. I started watching him and he would peek from his hidden advantage point until he thought she was absorbed in conversation, then he would do his dive bomb attack. My friend began slouching down and pop up at him which would send him scurrying for cover. I have watched them play this game almost every time she comes and he plays it with no other.

My father is a great tummy rubber and Tom has a ritual he goes through with dad also. The bed is the ultimate place for this activity because Tom as room for all of his twists

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