Is owning a pet right for you? – Part 1

If you are truly asking yourself this question, the answer is probably no. People should only consider bringing pets into their lives if they love being around them so much that a corner of their lives seem to be empty without pets. That doesn’t mean that people with pets are living in an ideal dream world in which they cheerfully vaccuum up pet hair every day, and glow when they walk into a room with a new urine spot on the carpet. Pets, like kids, can be emotionally taxing when they don’t behave, or when they get ill or demanding, or expensive . . . but if in spite of these realities, one’s home feels somehow “too clean” or “too quiet” and you find yourself being pulled by the heartstrings when you even think about having a pet (or two) as a part of your family, then owning a pet may be right for you.

The type of pet is largely dependent on personality (both yours and the pet’s) and how much time you will be available to devote to your pet. Dogs thrive best when they are not left alone for long stretches of time. Pet rats, for example, may be a better option if you travel often or work late hours.

Regardless of what type of pet you do decide to purchase, consider the benefits of two instead of one. Just about all types of pets enjoy the companionship of their own kind, especially when you are unable to be with them.

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