Is letting your dog sleep in the yard any good?

There is nothing wrong with letting your dog sleep outside as long as the weather is fit for it. I would never consider allowing my dogs to sleep outside at night during winter, but during summer I do.

I know many people think that pet dogs should be allowed to live inside, and I agree with that, but some dogs do not want to live inside. I think it is also okay to not have your dogs living inside your house. I own two dogs one a 4 year old male and the other a 7 month old pup. The 4 year old was an inside dog for the first 2 years of his life, as I lived in an apartment. After moving to a house, I could not get the dog to live inside anymore. If he was inside for more than an hour, he would sit at the door and whine until I let him out and he would not want to come back in.

It is even hard to get him to come inside during winter, when it is bed time. I have to force him. In contrast, the pup loves being inside but only if his older brother is there. As soon as the older dog wants to go out so does the pup. He can’t stand to be away from him!

Being outside all day and all night does not hurt them. In fact, I have found that he is a much happier dog, having more freedom outside than he does inside. I do not neglect him he is fed, watered, brushed and played with every single day, and gets a walk everyday. They come with us to the beach or to friends houses on the weekend. They come for car trips and come on holidays with us. They are both much loved members of our family and this does not change merely because they are outside.

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