Is it safe to feed a cat a vegan diet?

I’m going to have to use all the experience I’ve gained raising cats around our rural home to back up my thoughts on feeding cats vegan diets instead of some college degree in vegetarian skills. That gives an advantage over book reading because out of town here cats have been used for years as mice hunters. That has been picked up in the rural southwest because of all the poisonous rattle snakes that live on mice and then can bite and kill the registered horses kept around for various reasons.

That experience has shown me some cats after their natural hunting instinct has allowed them to kill some mouse and start eating it.

On that it can be assumed that cats have all the genetic back ground of animals like mountain lions who tend to eat a higher percentage of meat than us humans do. That is why even indoor cats still have the instinctive erg to stalk around the place where they live hunting when it gets dark. That erg is even evident while your pet is still just a kitten. That’s how and why it can be played with as it grows up.

After reaching the conclusion that it is natural for cats to hunger for some meat it must be cleared up that the vegetarian diet is not proper for many animals including humans and we are a lot different than pet cats. With our difference many people have taken up eating semi-vegetarian meals. That debate has even been amplified by animal lovers who claim butchering cattle is not the proper thing to do. I got to admit that it is really hard on one to slaughter a chicken he has raised himself. That small animal tends to become loved but in order to survive us humans need to eat enough amino acid to keep our body from our muscles to survive.

I must admit that pet ownership is not considered bodybuilding. But if certain nutritional facts hold true for us human meat eaters they probably do for our pet cats. One of the primary ones for both of us is food quality. Pet owners can’t help being suspicious of cat food after all the recalls that have happened lately. That is why I use the same shopping skills I use for myself.

One of the primary bits of knowledge that all pet owners should have is that most of those pet food companies don’t use quality meat to manufacture the pet food they sell. One time while I was truck driving and delivering freight to a major warehouse I had to Wait in line a bit before unloading. While standing there on the loading dock I talked with another truck drive who was delivering a load of cat food

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