Is crating your dog cruel?

I’m an extremely strong advocate when it comes to the wonders of the dog crate. I have owned, trained, and shown dogs for close to twenty years of my life. During that time a crate has proved an indispensable tool for me as a dog owner and a safe haven for my dog who is a strong den animal by nature.

Many people will cringe if you mention crate training your dog. But I encourage everyone to do research into the true nature of your dog. Dogs are closely related to their relatives the wolf in many aspects. One of those is their need and desire to have a den of their own. A dog prefers to be in a small place that they can call their own. A crate fits this ingrain need that they have. It gives them a sense of safety and security. In the wild wolves seek out dens which often consist of small caves or holes burrowed into the ground or mountainside. Once they have located this wonderfully safe haven then they will finally give birth to their pups in the darkness and seclusion they so desire.

When you first purchase a puppy a crate is the best way to housebreak the pup. You purchase a small crate that fits your new puppy. At first the puppy might bark or whimper when it is put into the crate. But soon it will adjust and come to realize that the crate is its own personal den. A place of safety, a place to retreat if the dog is afraid or unsure, and a place to sleep without worry about other wild predators that exist in your dogs mind from its wild ancestral past. So the crate works in your favor and your dogs. A dog will not soil its den. This is an instinct that runs deep in all canines. You can use this to your advantage when house training. Place your puppy in the crate at night or times when you will be gone. When you release the dog from the crate you immediately place it outside to do its business. Your dog will quickly learn that it goes outside to eliminate.

Crates are far from cruel. I encourage everyone to research the behavior and personality of the dog. Learn about your canine because they are wild at heart. They are animals that live and exist on many instincts. Your dog is not only a pack animal that quickly adopts the human family as its pack family but it is also a den animal that craves the peace and safety of a small place to call its own. The crate provides that security that alleves the dogs insecurities that arise from the wild animal that still exists in your pet. Dogs grow to adore their crate. They will seek it out for naps or any time that the dog feels insecure or afraid. It will ultimately bring the best solace that we can offer our wild best friends character.

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