Introducing a new pet to your baby

Introducing a New Pet to a Baby

Having pet at home is good for our health because can create feeling relax after daily activities. They behavior make us laugh many times. Laugh can create good mentality and make us always thinking in positive manner and finally will influence our creativity in work and live. Pet also train us to make socialization to others. For many reasons, having pet at home and make them as a family member is giving positive effect for all family members including for a baby.

Taking care for a pet is same as taking care for all members in family. They need love, care and good food. Introduce pet to our baby is one of way to educate a baby to do socialization and to increase their care, love and finally responsibility to other god’s creation. For the first stage, we must careful in choosing a save pet for our baby at home. To taking care a baby need much attention. A baby can touch anything than put their hand into their mouth. My suggestion is do not introduce a baby to hairy pets when there is any possibility the hair will stay in a baby’s hand when they touch the pet.

Having fish in an aquarium will be a good choice. A baby will love it because of the beautiful and fancy color and the way of the fish swim. We can put an aquarium at the place where save for a baby and a baby still can view it. Ask a baby to introduce he self and talk to the fish in good words and teach a baby to show love and care to others through the words. We also need to enroll a baby at every feeding time. Let a baby feed the fish but still with our attention. Even a baby cannot touch the fish but with ask a baby to use good words and make conversation with the fish already educated a baby to love and care to others and build a positive mentality. It also increases socialization capability as he need it when a baby grown up.

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