Interesting cat facts – Part 1

There are several interesting cat facts that a large proportion of the human race simply choose to ignore. As a result many cats suffer. If only cats could talk.

Most pet owners don’t realize that a kitten doesn’t stay a kitten . The cute little kitten in the pet shop window has a nasty habit of growing into an adult cat. At least that is the intention if the kitten survives to adulthood. When little Jamie or Doreen made such a fuss at the pet shop for the purchase of a kitten surely they must realize that a kitten is not just a toy they just have to have and one day will want to become a cat.

Little Jamie with his kitten after he tired of playing with his kitten locked it up in the toy box. No one explained to little Jamie that a kitten is an animal that needs a kitty litter if you intend to keep it housebound. Little Jamie got so cross with his kitten when it messed all over his best toys that he picked his kitten up by the tail and flung it into his bedroom wall. Little Jamie was not pleased either when his parents deducted the veterinarian bill from his allowance and took the kitten to an animal shelter. Little Jamie will probably grow up now being cruel to animals ,especially cats.

Little Doreen was different to Jamie. She knew that a kitten needed a kitty litter and that a kitten was not a toy when it clawed her when she picked it up by the tail. No one told little Doreen that it was her job to clean the kitty litter and feed the kitten. Little Doreen did not like it one bit. It was left to her mother to clean the kitty litter and feed the kitten.

When the kitten got sick the veterinarian bill came as a shock to Doreen’s mother who had to struggle to pay the bill. Neither little Doreen nor Doreen’s mother realized that a cat needs regular check ups by a veterinary to maintain its health. In the end it was a win ,win situation for both of them when the kitten ended up in the animal shelter. Little Doreen will probably grow up knowing that if you don’t want something you simply get rid of it. Let’s hope when Doreen becomes an adult she doesn’t apply that lesson to her children.

Beverly on the other hand loved cats. She had several cats while she owned her own home but now in the nursing home she wasn’t allowed to have pets. The nursing home people did not know that cats can provide much needed company for the elderly. Elderly people seem to perk up when they have a cat ,unlike a relative, who only wants a feed and a drink instead of piles of money when visiting.Fortunately for Beverly cats are relatively independent. Ever since Beverly fed a stray cat one day the cat makes regular visits and leaves when Beverly decides to go to bed . Beverly is now looking for a nursing home which will allow pets. Unfortunately she isn’t having much luck but doesn’t really mind. Unofficially she has a pet that she would be loathe to desert. Goldie as she calls her cat ,short for goldmine, is her treasure.

There are many interesting cat facts. Apparently in ancient Egypt it was a crime to injure a cat and cats were mummified. I have several books on cats ranging from cat care to the history of the cat. No doubt you could buy several books yourself and become really intrigued with cat facts.On the other hand I am a cat lover simply concerned with the basic facts. Cats are not stuffed toys. Cats do require an expense both in time and money. Cats make wonderful companions.

What I do detest in this world is the low life who would inflict pain not only on a cat but any animal . The fact that a cat cannot speak in it’s defense or hire a lawyer is no excuse for animal cruelty.

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