Insane Canine Self Control!- clicker dog training tricks

These dogs are all trained without any forms of intimidation physical or psychological, not even No Reward Markers, using a training method called Progressive Reinforcement Training. If you want to learn more go to also check out my free videos on the site on how to teach the leave it!!! ‘dog training’ professional dog training ‘dog tricks’ leave it leave it alone without intimidation After retrieving hot dogs, I figured I’d take on the kibble challenge!!! This is Splash the BCs first lesson of holding kibble as well as going to put the kibble in a dish. I plan to teach her to feed my dogs their dinner, to their bowl as a trick. Tug also has never played a “leave it , get it” game before, so I thought I would do that just for fun. I don’t advice training leave it get it, as your dog could anticipate you saying get it, and go and eat the pills you drop on the floor…. So be warned!!! ?

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