Information About Feeding Cats

Many pet owners often forget that cats also require a variety of foods to make sure that they consume a nutritionally balanced meal. A good cat food has the correct balance of all nutrients that your pet cat needs along with palatability. In case, you would like to add human food to your pet cat’s nutritionally balanced commercial food, you may want to think twice as this may upset the balance of your cat’s diet.

Another cat information is milk should be considered as food for your pet and should not be treated as substitute for water. This means you should give your cat both milk and water on a daily basis. However, you should also know that milk is not complete and cannot give a balanced diet. In addition, milk contains lots of lactose which only the enzyme lactase, found in the intestinal tract, can break down. If your pet does not have sufficient lactase, consumption of milk can lead to diarrhea.

We all know that eggs are good for humans but this is not always the case for your pet cat. Not all pet owners know about this cat information that raw eggs should not be included in your pet’s diet. This is because repeatedly adding raw eggs can lead to a biotin deficiency that results in skin inflammation of dermatitis, loss of hair and worst, poor growth.

People have this notion that raw fish is good for your pet cat. The truth is raw fish can also cause a thiamine deficiency in your pet. So don’t just feed your cat with any raw fish, because this can cause your cat to have an abnormal posture, anorexia, seizures and also death due to the deficiency in thiamine.

Cooked meat is often thought of as a requisite in your cat’s daily diet but meat alone is not adequate. You have to combine meat with other commercial foods to give your pet the balanced diet he truly needs. It is not recommended to give your pet some raw meats because they may contain some parasites that can affect the health of your cat.

Other foods such as raw liver should not be given to your pet in large quantities as this may lead to Vitamin A toxicity. While pork chop or chicken bones should not be fed to cat because these may splinter and lodge in your cat’s mouth or more specifically in the throat.

If you have a healthy cat provided with a balanced food on a daily basis then your pet won’t need any supplements at all but factors such as stress, inconsistent exercise and feeing table scraps can cause an imbalance in your cat’s diet so better take note of these factors.

Calcium and other minerals are usually added to the diet of pregnant as well as nursing

cats and even kittens, this is common cat information among pet owners. Just remember to provide your pet with adequate amounts in other words don’t over do it.

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