Inexpensive toys you can make for your cat

Similar to children, cats often prefer toys that are inexpensive when compared to fancy store-bought toys. They will often spend hours of playtime with household objects. As with any toy, always supervise your pets when they are playing and inspect any toys for small parts that may break off and be swallowed or otherwise harm your pet.

Paper shopping bags: Cats love to play hide and seek. A simple paper shopping bag will bring much joy to your curious kitty. When you leave the bag on the floor, you are creating a hidden tunnel for your cat to play in. Cats often hide inside the bag and pop out at “unsuspecting” visitors.

Small cardboard boxes: Similar to the paper shopping bag, cats also enjoy lounging or playing in an empty cardboard box. Instead of tossing the small box into the waste bin, leave it on the floor to see if your cat wants to play with it. This is another game that allows them to pretent they are invisible or hidden from others.

Corn husks: My cat loves to play with corn husks! When I have fresh corn on the cob, I will toss a corn husk on the floor and he will drag it around until he tears it apart. They love natural smells, and a corn husk will not harm your pet.

Film canisters: Today nearly everyone has a digital camera. However, if you find an old plastic film canister, you can present it to your pet as a special gift. Place a button, bead, or other small object in the canister to create a sound when it rolls. Toss it across a hard surface so it rolls but make sure the lid is securely fastened before giving to your pet.

Spools: If you have a spool of thread, kitty will love to bat it around on a hard floor. Similar to the film canister, it will roll on hard floors and provide your cat with a good amount of play time.

Plastic milk seals:I have seen similar shaped cat toys at the pet store that sell for a few dollars. The next time you open a new gallon of milk, there is typically a plastic safety seal on the cap. See if your cat enjoys playing with it!

Twist ties: Take several twist ties and twist them together. My cat loves to chase his twist ties around the house!

Cat nip: Cat nip is a natural herb that is harmless to your cat, but provides a temporary high. You can purchase dried cat nip in any pet store for only a few dollars. Take one pair of old stockings (knee-hi, pantyhose or a sock) and use scissors to clip off about 4 inches from the toe area. Sprinkle about 1 – 2 tablespoons of cat nip into the foot of the old stocking and tie a knot on the end. Toss it across the room and watch your cat bat it around. Cat nip makes some cats hyper, while other cats love to mellow-out. Make sure to place the unused cat nip in an area that your pet cannot access, otherwise you may come home and find that your cat found your stash of nip!

After your kitty has enjoyed his play time, make sure to put away any toys that may cause a choking or health hazard. Never let your cat play with plastic bags or items that may be difficult for him to escape from. Above all, spend at least 15 minutes of playtime with your cat so they get enough exercise.

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