Indoor or outdoor: Choosing the best life for your cat – Part 1

My cat was given to me when he was 5 years old. The family that had him couldn’t keep him anymore. He was an outside cat that killed mice, birds, even rabbits. He was the typical outdoors cat, not affectionate, sometimes they wouldn’t see him for days.

I have had Delberg for 6 years, I take him outside once in awhile so he can eat grass. He sometimes will try to run outside if you hold the door open too long but otherwise, he is perfectly content and happy to be an inside cat.

I don’t think a pet cat should be an outside animal. With so many strays that can carry diseases that are highly contagious and deadly, it is not worth the risk of letting a pet cat outside. Not to even mention cars, dogs, traffic and all the other dangers to cats that lurk outside. A pet cat is just that a pet, they should be cared for as such.

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