Including your pet in your will – Part 2

Because of a pet’s relatively short life span when compared to the life span of humans, most owners believe they will outlive their pets. However, since life is a big question mark and we are unable to see the future through a crystal ball, as caring pet owners, we must take responsibility for the many uncertainties of life.

It is a fact, that pets have become more than simply pets. They have become friends, loyal companions and part of the family. As responsible pet owners, we have committed to cater to their care and fulfill their needs. It comes natural, therefore, for loving and caring pet owners to want to include a pet in their will.

When speaking about wills, most of us imagine frail senior citizens or terminally sick patients planning and revising a trust for those that will be left behind. However, we must admit that we are all common mortals in this world and as unpleasant as it may sound, we all have the potential to expire.

As pet owners pass away, it is unfortunate that many beloved pets left behind end up in shelters. According to PetGuardian, a company that offers pet trust plans, as many as 500,000 pets are euthanized each year after the death of their owner. Many times these owners believed that their pets were going in the hands of their family members or relatives, but more often than not, those family members were unable to keep the pet for a reason or another.

Including a pet in your will may sound like a hassle but it doesn’t have to be. There are fast and secure ways to prepare a will for your pets without even leaving the comfort of your home. Such wills can be easily prepared for a small fee on several websites. If you are planning instead to create a comprehensive will including your property, savings and major assets then your best choice would be to consult with an attorney. This may cost much more but it will be complete in securing your assets along with your pet’s care. Whichever option you choose please keep in mind that preparing a will requires careful planning and many considerations.

1) Select a trustee

When preparing your will for your pet you must select a trustee. The word trustee effectively depicts a person that you trust that will take over the care of your pet. It is a good idea to select a trustee and a co-trustee so that you will have two people catering to your pet and each trusteee can check one another ensuring that your pet is receiving the quality care

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