Including your pet in your will

Pets are precious and should be included in one’s Will. Why should they be overlooked. If one was just as much a member of a home and family/pet owner, their faithful, unconditional love deserves to be cared for, and remembered as well.

Love should be the key-word within this Will for our pet. If they should outlive us, a new and loving home must be found for them. All their own health requirements attended to date, should follow on, and be accounted for in the costs of their own life time… as if we had never left. For their well being, and prevention, as well as any unforeseen circumstances within an Insurance/Pet Plan too, should be covered.

A new micro-chip should be inserted for their new owners, along with all requirements from registration to where they were to live, and with whom. Right through to the costs of Kennel Boarding, or quarantine, if called for. Even enough costs to know they were healthily well fed (with help to their accustomed diet,) treats, and required dental bones for teeth. Plus any familiar toys and bedding etc. of comfort. Just as any child, is dependent on a parent.

Keep a total veterinary diary of every visit, since birth (or since acquiring our pet), whether for purchases of their de-worming treatments; prevention of fleas, ticks and other requirements such as half or yearly inoculation, and boosters against the ‘musts’ of preventative dangers. Include a photo if they were lost, so all this could go to their new home owner. New owners need this support as much as our pet does, to be able to continue with knowledge of who one is. Plus what has been attended, to when the next inoculation or vet check-up is due.

Photos, from 6 weeks old (or when-ever acquired ), until our leaving, should go to their new owners. From this they would see what a precious pet they had been, and the pleasure they had given. Including any videos. From this record, they would not be just another ‘stranger’ who had come into a new home, but seen and understood as a member, full of unconditional love. And always an indoor pet.

One of beautiful character; well loved in their previous home, with spirit, worth everything they would give back in Love, because that was always their nature. A great ‘good company’, for someone who lived alone, or had to live indoors, and was truly house trained. A ‘bundle of joy’ if there were children in the family. A pet who asked for nothing – was patient; with a proven survivor in spirit – and obedient. Even if traveling …

For in this Will, all the money in the world would not overcome their own fretting for their loss. Only Love – could heal that – and Love would be the conditions required for their new Life. Like any child, who has a name, and knows it, a condition this was kept and not changed. All these things would be included, for their love, comfort and support, for as long as they too lived. This… is my Will. Naturally, this has allowed for a pet dog or cat, but if one’s pet was an outdoor horse, goat, or farm animal/s, their requirements should be no different, according to their own needs. A pet is a pet, and Love is Love.

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