Important considerations in choosing food for dogs and cats – Part 2

Dogs & cats are carnivores; they originally where known to eat primarily other animals. Thus nature and survival! Take a look at their teeth which will show this was the case. Sharp and pointed to tear flesh off another animal.They also have a more acidic digestive system which means they have a less need to break down food as this is done very well by their acidic levels. This also assists in breaking down any bacteria which may be in the foods they eat. Bacteria which would make a human ill is not detrimental to them. Domesticated animals now have much less plant material within the intestines which assisted in the break down of bacteria also.Cats still have some, as occasionally they still feed upon a mouse or bird. Thus gaining the plant source from their prey. The domesticated pet is now so limited in hunted prey. Thus the carnivore’s intestinal environment is now prone to more strain and more bacterial reactions due to not having what once was their natural source of abdominal cleansing and immunization . They now rely on their owners to provide adequate nutrition for their health, growth and well being. Thus dogs and cats are definitely in need of a diet that is high in raw meats. Preferably chicken or some form of red meat. They need a well balanced meal daily. Yet a small l amount of dry feed on days we are simply in a rush will do no major harm yet don’t make this a daily ritual.

There are an extremely large number of assorted dog and cat foods available yet be wary of what they contain. The prices range from cheap to astronomical. Yet so often not beneficial at all to your pets health. Price definitely is not always a sure sign that this is a healthy dietary food, it simply means that the company wish to have you believe it is! Tinned food is more expensive than dry food yet often so full of rubbish!

Also notice that so called ‘special’ foods cost more than other pet foods of the same type. One of the many claims to fame are to provide a healthier coat, or better yet, a smaller faecal volume and better-smelling breath. They often claim the dog or cat will live longer on this popular brand of food etc. Now take into account that dry food has a higher energy content than wet food, so your pet doesn’t need to eat as much of it. Thus saving you money while being healthier for the pet.

Dogs and cats need the correct foods for dental health and to exercise the jaws as they normally would out in the wild. They therefore need a supply of foods that require chewing. Cooked bones though can be dangerous as they become brittle and can harm the animals intestines or cause choking after getting stuck in the throat. They can also obstruct the animal’s bowels. Whatever you do no chop bones as these are known to splinter irrespective of whether raw or cooked. Raw chicken is recommended, in particular wings or legs. They also clean the animals’ teeth..Take into account the size of the bones given to your pet. Be sensible and take into account their frame. Take into account the breed as well. A bone daily will endure good dental health.

Dogs and cats do not need the rubbish which is often within canned foods. They usually go straight through the dog and have not much sustenance .

Remember also the pets need vegetables for their growth and vitamin source.


“Be wary of what is in the canned food, as often poisons have been found. Documentation shows that indeed a major pet food company were in breach of the cruelty act and actually lacing canned pet foods with rat poison.”

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