Humorous cat behavior – Part 2

I have a cat, but I think growing up as a kitten in a dog-dominated household has really made her quirky.

When dogs need to go outside, they wake up their owner by pouncing on the bed or barking very loudly. I have a cat who thinks it is her duty to wake me up about 5 minutes before my alarm goes off for work. She may have slept peacefully the night before at my feet, but I awake to licks on my face or a cat on my head as if she knows my schedule (I don’t get this on the weekends).

So, that may not be too much like a dog, but once I get up, she follows me everywhere I go. I thought cats were to be independent, but she only knows that where I am, she wants to be. She also answers and comes when I call her. I’ve learned that some people have success with this by training cats, but this was automatic when I got her and not something I trained her to do.

When I get home at night, she is waiting at the door (on the bookshelf, so not trying to escape), and she jumps on me and rides on me until I force her down. She’s also scared of nothing and nobody (except helicopters I found out).

But, the weirdest thing is her standing on her hind legs. She can do this for several minutes before she tires (I assume). One of my friends termed her “prairie dog” because of it. It looks like she might think there’s something there that warrants her batting at it in the air, but really, she just likes begging in that way.

I’m glad she still has some cat qualities, but as a dog person, I love that she’s as dog-like as she is.

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