How to walk many dogs like a professional dog walker

Walking dogs is great exercise and lots of fun, but when you own 4 dogs, like me, these dreams of a peaceful walks don’t have to be a thing of the past. When I first got my four dogs – two pugs, a German Sheppard, and Weimaraner, I could not find any good information about how to walk three or more dogs at the same time. Most of the resources out there on walking multiple dogs are about walking only two dogs.

After a little of trial and error, I discovered how to easily walk multiple dogs. In fact, this method works well up to four dogs on each side. I know because I tried it.


First things first, what equipment do you need? No, I don’t use any fancy splinters. I use regular 5 foot leashes and collar. On dogs that pull, I use Halti’s.

Take note – If your dogs have any kind of aggression problems, use the Halti on all of the dogs.

Tips for walking your dogs

1. Leash Train Dogs Individually – All dogs need to be leash trained to walk at your side. It’s best to take each dog out individually and teach them to walk at your side consistently without crossing in front or behind you. Once you have them leash trained to walk at your side, practice walking with two dogs. You don’t want to be walking the dogs and the dogs get you all tangled up in the leashes.

2. Set the Tone for the Walk The way you begin the walk is vitally important to your success. First, my dogs get very excited when they see the leashes so at this stage, I do not praise them or talk in an excited voice. This will only lead to more problems.

3. Assign Walking Positions Decide the walking position of each dog – half on your left and half on your right. I like to match the best walker with the dog that pulls on one side. The idea is that the good walker will teach the puller. I’ll explain later.

4. Attach and Spiral the Leashes – Have all of the dogs sit in their walking position facing the door and attach the leashes. Then twist the leashes together on each side. After you are done, the leashes look like they spiral together. This keeps the dogs together but allows for some give and take. The spiraling of the leashes also keeps the dogs from walking over the leash or getting the leashes tangled.

5. Humans first To make sure that your pack of dogs is following you, you must step out of the house first. Once you’re ready, keep the dogs sitting and start to open the door. If the dogs stand up, close the door. This action will automatic make the dogs sit

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