How to train your house cat – Part 7

How to Train Your House Cat to do Anything

I’ve read the stories on how to train your feline friends how to fetch but did you know you can train them how to do a whole lot more than that? I’ve had one cat in particular who not only fetched the cellophane but would play hide and seek with it. He knew when it was time to nonchalantly walk out of the room, go fill up on some fresh water for the hunt and return enthusiastically in search of the crumpled prize. He generally looked around a bit before making his choice of first spots and found the item within three tries. He was so good at finding it I never got to the part of trying to get HIM to hide it

Miren the Siren was taught at a very young age to keep his claws detracted when playing with humans. I did this by gently gripping and pressing the pads of his paws whenever his claws came out. We tumbled together and chased each other and he even jumped into my arms without so much as one scratch at the command ( wink, wink ) of my outstretched hands. Cats accept hand gestures a sight better than verbal commands.

He was fascinated by lights and I found that when he was bouncing off walls it was generally because he was bored and that’s when I would get the little Lazar out and he got himself the exercise he needed to refresh. Living in the city accommodated his boredom much easier than if we had lived in the country. The police vehicles often kept him occupied for long periods of time and I never had to hear of the neighborhood news the next day as he simply loved to share those flashing light moments with me by displaying a rather loud cry at the onset of the vehicle about either of the connecting streets to our home.

Miren also played a child’s floor piano from time to time and although he never did learn any special notes or keys, it was evident he was more interested in certain tones than in others as he would continue on the same ones endlessly.

I traveled with him and taught him very well how, when and where it was safe to go potty and of course, to get right back into the van when finished with his business. Unfortunately Miren was hit by a car when I left the window open a little wider than I thought and had to go across the street for something. He was very attached to me and never did like it when I left his side… the reason for all the travel in the first place. I am afraid, after that experience to allow any animals to travel with me and do not suggest it for anyone else either. I miss him dearly and will always fell responsible for his death.

That was many years ago and I’ve since had the pleasure of many other feline friends, none of which I could totally call my own but one experience stayed with me through the years. A stray who entered my home on a few occasions, obviously a neighbor’s pet who I called Domino. I never knew his name but he use to jump on the pool table when he seen myself and others enjoying the game. After repeatedly attempting to remove him from the felt, I noticed he was declawed and instantly decided to teach him the game. He was more than happy to please me by excelling in all areas and I never won a game after his first few lessons. Of course, he didn’t have to use the stick. He simply batted the balls into whatever holes he chose and voila, would have made a great companion for Fats any day.

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