How to train your house cat – Part 4

It’s not difficult to train your newly purchased kitten or cat. There are a few simple rules of knowing what to do when you first purchase or adopt this cute cuddly creature. A couple of days ago, I bumped into a couple who didn’t know what to do with their 6 month old kitten. I over heard their conversation about how they needed to train their kitten, because it was jumping on top of things, getting into stuff, scratching their couch, and getting into a lot of mischief. Well, here’s some simple rules on how to train your cat/kitten. It’s not a hard thing to do. There are also books out there on how to train your first cat/kitten.

The first thing to do, is to purchase your kitten or cat a litter box, ceramic bowl or eatting and drinking, toys, and bed. Purchasing these items, is easy. If you have one cat, you need to purchase 2 litter boxes, 1 ceramic bowl for food, 1 ceramic bowl for water, and toys that rattle, or catnip made toys. Put one litter box next to your kitten/cat food and the other litter box in your bathroom. One suggestion is to put the one litterbox in the kitchen. So, you have better access to water and food. Absolutely no people food is to be given to your kitten/cat.

To teach your kitten/cat to use the litter, put your kitten/cat in the litter box. Let your animal get used to the idea of entering into the box. The kitten/cat will take it’s time smelling the box, running in and out of it, so let your animal take that time to explore its new environment. At the same time the animal is observing the litter box, put the bowl of food and bowl of water next to the litter. The cat will get a hint that, that’s where he/she is supposed to do it’s business, such as eat, drink, and go to the bathroom. If the cat doesn’t understand this process and you see that they’ve urinated on the floor in your house, carry your animal to the litterbox and use a cup of water to show the cat, by pouring the water into the litterbox. The cat will pick this up.

The second thing to train, is to keep the kitten/cat from your lovely couch. You can purchase a couch cover, clip the cats nails, purchase nail caps for their nails to save your couch, or have their nails removed (too cruel, not recommendable). You can also purchase a box scratcher or scratching post for your cats comfort. Put the scratching post or box scratcher next to your couch. Your cat should be running to that first, before touching your couch. If not, spray your cat with a warm water bottle

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