How to train your house cat – Part 1

My 17 year old son and I have been cat lovers our whole lives. We have brought many strays into our home, some so young we had to bottle feed them for weeks. It got to where all the kids in the neighborhood would bring any and all strays to our home. At one time I had three that turned into six, do to the fact one of them was pregnant at the time and we were unaware.

I am a severe neat freak and have a phobia of germs. I will reclean my kitchen to cook a meal when it is spotless. I love my cats more than anything and their home is as much as mine. But I dont walk on the counters, the kitchen table, scratch the furniture and mark my territory.

There are so many myths in what works to train cats. Trust me most of them dont work. I have bought so many books and tried them all. I believe to each cat is his own. The water bottle method may work for a very short time but what do you do when your cat gets used to it or even likes water? In alot of cases some of my cats like my mainecoon enjoy water so I would just get a dirty look from him and he would continue to do his thing. Even the tale of cats being offended by the smell of oranges isnt true. I use orange oil furniture polish and having kittens grow up with the smell seems to me that they got used to it. My cat Buddy would even follow me around the house to each room I was dusting. There is even the story of putting plastic grocery bag on furniture so the wont scratch giving the fact they dont like the noise. When I go shopping and come home my cats want to play with the bags. I have even wasted money on products that say it will keep cats out of plants and such, again little or no affect. Animals, I believe, Will always adjust and addapt.

I is my thoery, through the years of raising cats, just like our children we need to find what works for them. Some of the techniques I have used are the simple ones that have been very effective. When my cats get on my counters I carefully brush them of, snap my fingers and in a very stern voice say “NO”. (In no way does he get hurt cats from that distance will of course always land on their feet). I do the same when they get on my kitchen table. In time all I have to do is snap my fingers to almost anything and they know they are not to be doing what their up to. After being consistant(a very key word consistant) I dont even need to do anything,they know. My buddy is an unfixed male that only one time did he spray. When he did this I rubbed his nose in it and placed him in his litter box. He then would only spray in his box not all over the house. No it is still not a pleasant smell, but it is easier to clean the box rather than fabric or the carpet. I blame myself for that, not getting him fixed and all, so I cant get that mad at him but it still in fact worked. I believe that in time our cats will understand certain words if heard enough. Just by saying “Buddy NO” I have gotten my baby to understand he is doing wrong. I can even leave the front door open and he will not step foot outside.

In a nut shell find what works for your babbies. Dont believe every thing the books say. All animals have their own personalities just as we do. In any training you try always remember to always let them know you love them and never do anything to hurt them.

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