How to train your dog to jump over your arms

Here is a quick video I made of how to teach this very cool Canine Freestyle trick- hurdles. I dont actually know what the trick is called by freestylers, so I made up the name ‘hurdles’ . I didnt use a clicker during this exercise as is quite hard to hold the clicker and it clicks right under the dog which can make them confused. If possible you can get a friend to help mark the behavior. Good luck! And let me know if you have any questions! ps I did some sloppy training in this video! I give multiple cues such as ‘jump’ ‘hup’ and ‘jump through’ ! and am sloppy with the reward. Which makes me have to say, if you are really into training, make sure to film yourself to assess what you think you are doing to what you are actually doing! 🙂 Note: For Splash the word ‘yes’ is a conditioned reinforcer like some people use ‘good girl’ so you will see me say ‘yes’ and not give a treat afterwards. For Splash and Kiko the click means a treat always follows. Any other word means they might get one, they might not. Clicker training works!

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