How to train your dog to catch a Frisbee Due to many requests, I decided to make a four minute video on how to train your dog to catch a disc using my newest dog, Blitz. PLEASE NOTE I mention to be exciting when getting them driven for the disc. During this video, I AM NOT BEING EXCITING enough for a new dog! Be like a Saturday morning cartoon! Blitz is a herding breed and already has a very high level of drive for discs. Also, teaching the dog to go around you before you throw isn’t necessary but I’ve found it easier for new players. It helps the handler have time to throw especially if they have a fast dog. Plus the dog is more like to catch it if they have to chase it not wait in front of it. Don’t get discouraged! It took Flash about a year before he really wanted to play. Although herding breeds are the most common seen playing, ANY DOG CAN DO THIS! Any breed can catch a disc and is welcome to compete! From Boxers to Poodles to Yorkies, I’ve seen some very different breeds chase Frisbees! Dogs of all ages can play, too. Dogs younger than 1 and 1/2 year should stay low to the ground and should not be doing a lot of jumping because their bones & plates are still growing. Talk to your vet for more details. If your dog is older(8 yrs+? depends on the breed), then ask your vet if they are in a good enough physical condition to be doing this. Why take the time to do this with your dog? -Helps get your dog in shape. If your dog is overweight, you’re cutting out years of their life. -Can help get

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