How to train your dog – Part 1

Dogs are domestic pets we rear at home to enjoy their companies and fun. It is only through training we can achieve the best friendship and fun out of our dogs or pets, since they cannot communicate with us verbally. A well trained dog can also protect us from harm.

Keeping a dog at home is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of patience and effort as the dog do not understand you and you do not understand the dog either. Therefore, you want to train your dog with the simplest language you can understand and the dog can understand too. Remember, dogs are clever and very observance. They notice almost every thing you do; it is only their ability that restrains them from doing what you do. Training a dog requires the use of gestures as this enhances easy commutation with the dog. This means less talking, more gestures/movements. You can talk and talk, the dog will not understand you, and she may only read your lips and eyes and try to figure out what’s going on. If you say to your dog sit, the first thing the dog do is look into your eyes. She is waiting for you to perform what you want her to do. Once you move your hand indicating sit, the dog then sit. You can also acknowledge that the dog hears what you say but do not understand until you perform the gesture or action. Remember, more gestures, less talking.

Additionally, dogs are emotional too; they know when you are feeling alright and when you are not. It’s very significant to train your dog with all of the things that can make you both understand yourself. If you cry, the dog knows you are in a bad situation. If you laugh, the dog knows you are happy.

Note that dogs are vicious when they do not know you. Well trained dogs do not attack if you don’t perform anything that urges them to attack. To make your dogs likable and easy to play with, you want to teach them all of the basics human behavior. Then, they can know when someone wants to play or when someone wants to harm them. Also know that dogs can be vicious when in pain despite they know you or not. The good news is we now have hospital for domestic pets. You want them to know that they can be cure. This process might not be easy at the first time but, once they get use to it, it gets easier. My best friend is my dog; it all comes from the training you give your dog. So don’t be frustrated when they are messy at first, it takes sometime to change. Woo! Woo!

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