How to train your cat to use a scratching post

How to Train Your Cat To Use a Scratching Post

One of the biggest challenges for households that have a new cat is training him to use a scratching post. Many believe that it is a cruel procedure to have a cat declawed. Often, when getting a new cat, you need to sign a form promising that you will never get your cat declawed. Therefore, it is important to train your cat to use a scratching post. You can prevent the need to stop your cat from scratching where he shouldn’t by making his first instinct to scratch where he should, on the post.

Method One: Hold treats near the post to get your cat to come near the post. Slowly, make your cat come closer and closer to the post to get the treat. Then increase the height at which you are holding the treat so your cat must put his paws up the post to reach the treat. Gradually increase the height at which you hold the treat so that your cat eventually has to climb to the top in order to get the treat. This training session is a slow process to be worked on each day, making small progress each time you work on it.

Method Two: Using the kind of cat toys that are at the end of a string, dangle, drag, and swing one of your cat’s toys. Do this on and around the post. Use the scratching post as the play area. Your cat will climb up and down and around his post to try to reach his toy. By doing this, his post will be a place of fun and good memories.

Both methods above should be used during the first weeks of having your new cat. Cats remember a lot by scent. By giving your cat experience using their post, you are also helping impart your cat’s scent onto their post. This will attract them back to it. Your cat’s scent and all his memories of treats and playing will train him. You will be successful in training your cat to use his scratching post. Also, remember that this training will take time so if you do see your cat scratching where he is not supposed to, pick him up immediately and bring him to the post. Eventually, he will learn.

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