How to train without a clicker- dog training

How to use my tutorials without a clicker- dog training tricks This video goes over how you can use a marker word instead of using a clicker to train your dog. Even if you do use a clicker with your dog, it is a great idea to have a marker word that works in the same way as the clicker for when you want to train when you forgot your clicker or perhaps you need both of your hands for other reasons. I use a marker word very often to train new freestyle behaviors because either my hands need to be close to my dogs head or I am using both of them. Using a marker word for handling is also a great idea, as you will need one hand to hold the treats and the other hand to touch the dog with. Sigh, if only we had three hands! ‘dog trainer’ ‘dog training’ ‘clicker dog training’ ‘dog training tips’ ‘dog training tip’ ‘how to condition a marker word’ ‘positive reinforcement’ ‘progressive reinforcement’

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