How to Train a Dog and a Cat to Stand UP!

So, the answer how I got my cat to stand up was — a DOG FOOD on a spoon!! An Amazing Cat Standing Up – the snowshoe Cat Max-Arthur!!! Pit Bull Sharky copied my cat Max-Arthur and learned how to stand up and lick like a kitty!!! Music by: (my cousin) Lauri Sommer “ikkagi” Kago FREE to Listen here: Let’s Be Friends!!! SHARKY::: pitbullsharky (at) HELEN: MAX-ARTHUR::: **** How to Train a Dog to Stand Up Instructions: 1. Stand along side of your dog while she is laying down. Gently slide your hand under her belly until she goes to stand up. As soon as she starts moving, give the command “stand.” 2. Praise her with enthusiasm, after she is fully standing, saying “good girl. stand.” Repeat this several times until she learns to stand when you say the word without having to put your hand under her. 3. Approach your dog while she is sitting and hold a treat in your hand where she can see it. 4. Take a couple of steps backwards holding the treat at nose level. Your dog should stand up to move towards the treat. 5. Give the command “stand” as soon as the dog starts to get up. After she is completely standing tell her “good girl, stand” and give her the treat. 6. Practice the stand from a sit using the treat several times and then try giving the command without the treat in your hand. Back up

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