How to toilet train a cat

When your cat begins to use the CatMan-Doo system the cat is actually just using a litter box a couple of feet off the ground! To the cat there is no difference other than being higher (which they lie to be anyway!) Since we use our own patent pending “washable cat litter” which you can see in the various clips, clean up becomes much easier. You can see how easy it is as we demonstrate by just pouring water over the top of the litter, all the litter stays in the bowl but the urine is drained through our system right into the toilet! As the cat progresses in the training cycle a hole opens up and just gets larger and larger until the cat is using the last and final stage of the system. This last stage will stay on the toilet for the life of the cat. We DO NOT EVER expect the cat to use a human toilet seat! There are many home made devices (and a couple of commercially available as well) that want your cat to eventually use the human seat, THIS SIMPLY DOSENT WORK WELL. Yes, it can be done but your chances of successfully training your cat decrease greatly when using these devices. You will also notice that when your cat has reached the last stage that the human seat fits over the cat seat without any interference for human use, this is especially helpful in a single toilet household. Finally, you can see that we have developed the seat with a “quick connect” design. This allows for the ease of removal during the first few stages of training for human use of the toilet and

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