How to teach your dog a fun searching game

Hello once again! Sorry for the lack of videos but finals kept me really busy. I have a few things filmed that I need to edit, so please look foreword to my stuff. So I will share with you a simple game I play with my dog “Chikita” (its suppose to be Chiquita but we spell it funny). She is a 10 year old black Labrador female and my first dog. I love her very much! You will need a treat of some sorts. A bone or dog treats should be ok. It is just easier to use food because its easier for the dog to find. Some dogs have a better sense of smell then others, as you will see…Chikita’s sense of smell is not very good. Start out slow and don’t worry if your dog takes a day or two to get it. My girl makes it look easy because we have been playing like this for years. And sadly, no I am not a dog trainer, so I can’t help you too much if you are having a hard time teaching this to your dog. Chikita just knows some basic commands and a few tricks, but that’s all. I learned from watching dog trainers on tv and reading books. There are many wonderful tutorial videos on dog training on youtube so look them up 🙂

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