How to stop your dog from destroying your home

Dog owners all around the world, at one point, find themselves looking at a destroyed place which looks like as if it has been struck by a hurricane. Then they find out their dog has done it. If you want to stop a dog from destroying your house then you need to teach it discipline. You also shouldn’t try to yell at your dog. When you yell at a dog it doesn’t always understand what it is doing wrong so you’ll just stress the poor thing out. Here I will explain what should be done when this happens.

When you get a dog it usually doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong so it needs to be taught or else it will not ever learn. Being harsh to your dog won’t solve the problem on hand so in order to actually solve this problem you have to be open minded. Well here I will explain how you can teach it not to do certain things like destroy your home.

First of all, when a dog breaks something don’t yell at it just give a look of disapproval. When you do this then the dog is most likely not going to try to impress you again by doing the same thing.

Note: Usually, when a dog does something, it is mostly done to impress its owner.

If you yell at it then the dog might keep doing that until you actually approve of it. Your dog will most likely get stressed out. When the dog does the right thing then that is the time when you should be smiling at the dog and giving it a treat. If a dog does something wrong, do not try something weird like not giving it food, kicking it out of the house for a while or anything else that is harsh because it needs to know what it is doing wrong and the dog will never understand if you just keep doing irregular things, just stick with something simple like a look of disapproval.

If a dog is destroying your house, you can always send it to the dog training schools. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about it because the dog will get trained. You can also try to train your dog yourself but its better to actually get a person who knows what he is doing to train your dog. Trained dogs are always much better than dogs that aren’t trained. I am pretty sure that every dog owner has something in their house that is really expensive so why not use some money in order to send your dog to a dog training school or something. Better than getting a really expensive vase broken.

I will just make a list so that you people can understand better.

What you shouldn’t do to a dog that is destroying your house:

Yell: You shouldn’t yell at it

Kick out of house: Don’t kick your dog out of your house

Not giving food: This just the limit, everyone knows that every living organism needs food in order to survive so don’t do this act.

Any other harsh thing

What you should do if your dog is destroying your house:

Disapproving Look: Give a look of disapproval

Treat: Don’t give it treats (something that it enjoys to eat). This isn’t the same as not giving it food.

School: Send your dog to a dog training school were it can learn things.

What you should do if this stops:

Treat: Give the dog a treat so it continues to behave how it is already behaving.

Look: Give the dog a look of appreciation. Remember, looks always help.

I made this chart so I could make a visual. These are the ways that you can prevent a dog from destroying your home. Remember, don’t ever be too harsh to your dog because they don’t understand everything and who doesn’t make mistakes? I know I do, and probably dogs would make quite a few mistakes themselves.

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