How to stop Jumping up!- clicker dog training

This video goes over some simple exercises on how to teach your dog to stop jumping on you! Remember! Dogs jump for a reason! It is either to get your attention, they are over aroused or stressed, or to acquiesce to you (when the dog tries to get to your mouth to lick it) Tips: 1-Teach your dog what you want them to do instead of jumping up FIRST 2- Don’t reinforce jumping up with attention 3- Proof by creating situations your dog will want to jump up in, so that the dog generalizes the behavior. 4- Prevent jumping when you are not in the mood to train your dog, by having your dog on leash or in his pen Dog training clicker training dogmantics dog training kikopup emily larlham private lesson with Murphy and Bogart. Goldendoodle puppy golden mix rescue polite greeting door calm greetings get your dog to greet you calmly when you get home from work using clicker training using a clicker to train a dog not to jump using positive reinforcement to train your dog not to jump teach your dog what you want them to do!

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