How to safely contain your dog when you cant or dont have a fence


Loving your pet dog is no different to loving a child and keeping them safe. Neighborhood is a big factor; and if a home has no fence for their safety, you make it safe. It is the pet owner’s peace of mind, as well as responsibility. Then both can enjoy their own freedom, while enjoying each other’s company. Many methods have been and are used. From underground electric boundaries connected to collar alarms, where a small shock is safer than your pet being hit by a car. But… you wouldn’t put a collar on your child, to shock it.

If you love your pet enough, and you have the space – despite no fence – it is sure and safe to build an enclosure big enough. This space does not have to look like a chicken wire run, to contain your pet, but can also be a feature. Where there is space, build a sun deck. If there’s a slope, it can be up off the ground, 2-3 steps, or more where called for where a gate can be placed. Building all with slat wood allows air flow in the hotter months. An overhanging tree can create shade, and the open, sunshine for their health.

If wide overhead eves can be utilized, the deck can also be placed from a door way, from the home wall outward, and even around corners. This is placed where the walls act against cold or hot winds for shelter. Keeping it wide where possible for all to enjoy the out-door as well, your pet is not always alone. In the winter months, the deck slat boards, keep them up from the wet cold ground. With the door available, they can come and go in or out.

Any comforts at all times are a must. Lots of fresh water, plus a ‘surprise-hunt’ treat. A Denta Bone (dental,) for teeth, some liver treats for iron supplement, 2-3 dried mini fish for protein, a smoked dried pigs ear to chew on, or a toy, to keep your beloved pet from boredom. Even their doggy bed. It is their home, their space, their safety. And if they like one, even add a kennel.

House trained, they will always let you know if required to ‘go out the gate’. Here, one can always watch if they must go further afield for a ‘poop’. A pooper-scooper (or a doggy bag,) used to clean up after. This helps prevent other dogs coming into your outside space. Pets who are loved, know their routine, and know also that they are not neglected, but being helped.

Not enforcing this dog to stay permanently within this space, another way to give your pet ground level safety is a length of 6 meter ‘Dogie Line’. This Dogie Line can be purchased in most pet departments,

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