How to raise a smart dog

I have developed a better way to train a smarter dog. Train yourself first. Every breed of dog is smart, some might be smarter than others just like humans, but every breed of dog is smart. Where a dog’s downfall is with getting “trained to be smart” is because their human owners are lacking the tools to do the job correctly. The first evidence I have is almost every dog owner that trains their own dog is a “expert” when it comes to “training a smart dog” and that leads to the downfall of the dog. I have witnessed people taking a already novice trained dog and turn it into a complete lost animal. I have witnessed people take a wonderfuly trained yellow lab hunting dog and now that same dog has to idea how to do anything. When humans go to school the teachers don’t train us to be smart we’re already born smart they just help us with being better at being smart. The same goes for training dogs, we as their owners and providers need to help them be better at being smart. I think the akc’s list of smartest breeds is a joke. I think the list should be listing the trainers not the breeds. I guarantee my lab is trained better than alot of other dogs, but my dog and I both were trained at the sametime by a trainer in Mississippi and most of the training was done on me. So, I think it’s the companion of the dog that needs trained to be smarter and not the dog.

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