How to raise a cat or dog to be a loving companion – Part 1

Loving Dogs

I believe that dogs can and should be taught an emotional intelligence. Dogs are such an integral part of our families and we spend alot of time and money seeing to other needs. We buy food and toys and we take our dogs to the vet and obedience school. These are all important and neccessary and we would surely be neglectful if we didn’t provide these things for our dogs. Dogs are more than just pets. Dogs are a unique part of our families and being a loving member of that family is so important.

We need to start the emotional intelligence training early. Most dogs by nature crave human companionship and feedback. When you have a new puppy,spend some time on the floor with him. Let the puppy sit in your lap as you stroke his ears and talk to him. Like a child, you are giving your puppy your undivided attention and he understands that he is important to you. You can also encourage any other family members to sprend time doing the same thing with the puppy. Dogs love unconditionally, therefore we should love our dogs unconditionally.Play with your dog and give him praise throughout the day; not just when you have company over! Dogs want to please us and they work very hard at that. We need to give our dogs opportunities to earn our praise and feel good about themselves. This will help to snowball good behavior. Another way to help our dogs learn to love is by obedience training. Good obedience is essential to living in society. It also helps a dogs learn control. After completing an obedience course, dogs learn that they have someone in charge who will tell them what to do. This helps a dogs feel relaxed since he knows that you will tell him what do and when to do it. A dog who has been taught that he is an important part of the family and is well loved, will be content after a few ear scratches to lay at your feet chewing a bone while you do your own chores.

Correcting your dog’s behavior when it is less than stellar is also important. I don’t believe in hitting dogs (nor do I believe in hitting children)! Hitting a dog for bad behavior teaches the dog to be afraid of you. We don’t want any of our family to be afraid of each other. Most of the time, a dog will realize he did something naughty and will feel very guilty when you happen upon him. I believe at this point a stern reprimand with an equally stern voice is sufficient. When this happens try to give your dog the opportunity to do something that will earn your praise right away. You will see that your dog is most anxious to please you. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool and one that should be used first and foremost when dog traing.

Dog has been man’s best friend since the dawn of time. They need us and we need them.Dogs are great for families with kids. They are great for adults since they provide companionship. Having a dog can also help lower stress levels. We only need to put in some time and effort every day to make having a dog work wonderfully!

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