How to protect your cat from cat diseases – Part 3

If you are a household cat owner, or know someone who has cats in their household, then there are a few things that you should know. Cats, just like any other animal, require daily exercise to stay in shape. Some cat owners prefer the lazy types, the ones that aren’t as active and like to lay around all day. Other cat owners prefer the active types, the ones that are like little furry balls of energy bouncing all over the place. Cats are territorial and like to explore every corner of living space. They also like playing with toys, and actually have preferences on what kinds of toys they like to play with. Cats also love plenty of interaction, so take time to play a quick game of hide-and-go-seek, tag, and believe it or not- fetch.

The ideal age for introducing a new cat into the home is when they are kittens, preferably in pairs, so that they can have the company of each other. The benefits of having two cats in the household are that they, like children, can entertain each other and not require lots of attention from the pet owner. If you’ve ever observed your cat at play, you will find that it’s quite amusing. Cat’s are so active and flexible, they love to chase objects around, climb and explore high places, hide under blankets, and just about anything else a curious child can get into.

Training your cat to have good behavior should be an objective to work on for all cat owners, especially because your pet is living indoors with you. You don’t want your animal to develop bad habits, that they become so frequent and makes it difficult to break. Ideal cat exercises involve at least fifteen to thirty minutes of “cat-and-mouse” play, in other words, chasing activities. You can use simple objects found around the household, like a ball or a plastic bottle cap. Cats like to chase small objects around, and some can even be trained to play “fetch”, where they will hunt down the object and carry it back to you (motherly instinct). If your cat becomes bored of the playing with the same toy, try looking into purchasing a new toy at your local pet supply store. Perhaps a new toy filled with catnip will entice your cat to play more actively, or even a remote controlled mouse toy. These will provide hours of amusement for your cat, and will keep them physically and mentally occupied.

Healthy Reasons Why Exercise is Important for Your Cat

Prevention from developing bad habits and behaviors, often caused by boredom and


Building social activity through regular interaction with you and other members of the


Establishing a healthy relationship for more comfortable living.

Other Tips and Suggestions For A Healthier, Happier Cat

– Be sure to schedule routine checkups with the veterinarian to be sure that your cat is in peak

physical condition.

– Encourage predatory skills through exploration. Invest in a kitty playground, one that has built

in tunnels, scratching post, hideouts, and/or a few attached toys. Elaborate set-ups can also

help to improve balancing and co-ordination skills.

– Enjoy!

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