How to protect your cat from cat diseases

There are many things that cat owners can do to prevent their cat from becoming sick with disease. Depending on the disorder, an owner can make or break the life span of their pet. For years, vets have been educating their patients on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important things that a cat owner can do for their pet is to purchase a pet insurance plan. The most popular pet insurance company is VPI Pet Insurance. Pet insurance won’t protect your cat from diseases, but it can prolong your cat’s life by aiding in financial recovery for extensive procedures.

Cats are notorious for urinary tract infections. This particular disorder has been recognized as one of the most common ailments in cats. There is now cat litter available that will alert cat owners to a urinary tract infection by changing the color of the urine to a different color in response to the chemicals being produced. One way of protecting your cat from a urinary tract infection is to watch for frequent urination. If this occurs, the vet can give your cat antibiotics for the infection, and advise a cat food that is specifically designed for cats that are susceptible to this disorder. The specially designed cat food can help in protecting against further outbreaks.

Another common disease in cats is ear infections. This can be avoided by washing the cat’s ears frequently, and watching for ear mites, and other infectious problems. Diabetes is becoming more common as well due to the lifestyle of the indoor cat. The more a cat eats without exercise, the more a cat gains weight. This weight gain can cause an imbalance in blood sugar levels in the cat and begins the process of discarding excess fluids into the kidneys, causing the need for insulin shots. To protect your cat from diabetes, make sure they have plenty of room to exercise, and if they start to gain weight, have them checked by a vet for a diet plan.

One disease that can’t be prevented is arthritis, but with a comprehensive pet insurance plan, the costs for treatment are minimal. For example, on a VPI Superior Plan, you can add an option that covers everything from hospitalizations, x-rays, and prescriptions to cancer treatments. This can make a huge difference in the life of your pet. One annual fee covers everything, and for most people, that is more affordable than having to pay a huge amount in the event of illness.

The most important thing to remember when preventing disease in your cat is to watch for unusual changes in your cat’s behavior, eating habits, or sleeping routines. This should alert you to call your vet and make an appointment for a check-up.

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