How to prevent barking at the Doorbell: Training for dogs: My Award Winning APDT Video 2010 For more information on barking, please read Hi all my YouTube subscribers and friends. Here is my award winning APDT NewTrix video. The theme was how to solve a behavior problem by teaching a trick instead. So, I took the behavior problem of Barking at the doorbell and made it the trigger for the dog to go to his crate and close the crate door. There are other levels of the trick in case some dog owners were not able to teach that one. They could train the dog to just go to a crate or a dog bed instead. I will be heading to the APDT conference in Atlanta to receive my award. I hope to meet many of my YouTube subscribers there and hopefully spread the word about my YouTube channel. As many of you know I train dogs and cats using clicker training and positive reinforcement. I do not use positive punishment. If one does not use force or intimidation with killer whales, elephants, and other wild animals, then why would we need to use force or intimidation on our dogs??? I hope you enjoy this video! Have fun with your dog today! Have a great day! Pam, Isabelle, Bandit, & Twix

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