How to make your pet dog a part of the family – Part 9

Animals are a huge part of any family. They round out the picture perfect quality of any moderately sized home. However bonds must naturally form between man and beast, and sadly perfection is not something you can look forward to during the process. Dogs, like people, need patience and time to create everlasting attachments. This can be urged along with a little consistency and a whole lot of love, during training or play.

Families wanting an addition to their household need to put in maximum effort during formative beginning months (and this does not necessarily mean puppyhood). Easy ways to include the entire home in this process can include simple yet pleasing tasks such as, but not limited to:

FAMILY WALKS: Family walks with the new puppy/adult dog provides plenty of time for bonds to grow and strengthen. Take turns controlling the leash. And remember to praise often. Positive reinforcement will attach your voice to your dog’s sense of pride. Walking with your family also strengthens the bonds human to human. It’s an added benefit!

PHOTO ALBUMS: A dog that is included in photos and special events being photographed is essentially a loved puppy. When I see a puppy dressed up for halloween for example I am immediately aware the owner took the time to celebrate a holiday with their animal. I am positive the animal is also well aware the owner also took time, be it for a holiday or even a walk, to spend quality time with them. They might not know the occasion, but you do and they easily understand the love put into it.

GAMES: Run around the backyard with your energetic dog, as a family. Play fetch and tire out your curious canine. Throw a ball around or playfully wrestle. Becareful however because an excited dog, however well meaning, still has very sharp teeth and may accidentally injury you or your children. Have tug of war toys and fun treats to share daily. And praise your puppy even during play time. Life isn’t always about training techniques. Rough them up with some scruffy pettings.

The most important aspect of adding any dog to your household is finding the time to spend quality moments with each other, as a family. Once you start including your puppy in the activities of everyday life he/she will not only learn the proper behaviors to function alongside you but he/she will also feel the love and adoration you return. They will begin to feel a part of your clan. Little things mean all the difference between family pet and backyard animal.

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