How to make your pet dog a part of the family – Part 6

When I had pets it was easy to treat them like they were part of the family. My cats and dogs were like my kids. The worst thing I ever did to my pets was yell. We celebrated their birthdays and on Christmas I always had a present or two for them under the tree.

No matter what dog came into our home we always treated them with love and respect. After all, dogs need love too. So right from the beginning I would teach them the rules of the house just like you do with a child. If they break the rules, I would speak to them in a stern voice and believe me they knew what they did wrong. They will look up at you with those cute puppy eyes as if they are saying “I’m sorry mommy.” Than of course I feel bad just like with my kids. I’m a total push over and my animals knew this. Never underestimate your dog because they know you better than you think. If my dog had a behavior problem like chewing or having accidents in the house I would evaluate myself first to see if I wasn’t letting her outside enough. If I knew I was doing everything I could to relieve the problem and it wasn’t working than I would consult a veterinarian.

As for health care which every dog needs. I find a veterinarian that the dog feels comfortable with, than we only go to that one. Another way in which to make the dog feel like part of the family is to take the dog with you on your outings like picking up the kids from school. That makes your dog feel good and not left out.

Now, what to do when we have to go to work? I myself don’t believe in cages. I’ve heard that it makes the dog feel safe and they need that private space of their own. Maybe for some breeds but I just can’t see caging an animal. Instead of cages I prefer fences. This keeps them safe from doing harm while your gone until they’re fully house trained. It also allows more room for them to roam.

When I go out of town for a number of days I bring them to a kennel or a friends house. Just like looking for a daycare I like to know how my dog will be treated while in my absence. So I check them out throughly.

Some other things I do to make them feel like part of the family is let them sleep with me. Many people don’t like this but I feel guilty if they have to lay on the floor, especially if they want to be in bed with you. Of course there are times they can’t be in bed with us so I like to have a dog bed for them to sleep in.

My dog always feels like part of the family because no matter if I’m choosing food for them or treats I’m thinking of what is best for them and what they like. I know they can’t talk so we have to read their minds or body language to understand what they want. They let you know but it has got to be pretty frustrating if we are not paying attention to them.

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